Weddings ~ Felitia & Bill ~ Suquamish Clearwater Resort & White Horse Golf Club

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I am so excited to share the story of Bill & Felitia's Wedding Day!
These two tied the knot at the beautiful Suquamish Clearwater Resort and their reception followed at the White Horse Golf Club!
It was my first time shooting at either of these locations and I was amazed at how beautiful they are!
But what I was even more amazed by is the amount of love that filled their big day!
I have had the pleasure of watching Bill & Felitia's love transition over the last few years.
I took couple portraits for them in 2011, engagement photos for them in 2013 and I feel so honored to have captured their 2014 wedding!
I have to tell you that it was easy to see from 2011 that what they had was a true, everlasting love and I knew it was only a matter of time until they were engaged!
I'll shut up now and let the photos do the talking!
Their day began at the Clearwater Resort where the bride and groom got ready for their big day!

Early that morning Felitia received a text that the groomsmen had clogged their toilet and the plumber was being called. Such a fun wedding day memory! All the girls had a good laugh!

Felitia's mom took her outside on the balcony for a little wedding day pep talk!

Felitia wanted her mom & God Mother to help her get into her dress and it was a very special moment shared between the three of them!

That grin on dad's face says it all as he sees his daughter in her wedding gown for the first time! 

Felitia and Bill opted for their first look to happen as she walked down the aisle but they wanted a few private blindfolded minutes before the ceremony! 

Felitia made such a gorgeous bride!


It was so sweet to see Bill tear up as he saw his bride for the first time!

There is something unique about every wedding that blows me away and the father-daughter dance was it for this wedding!
Felitia & her dad did a mash up dance and it was hilarious.
Their personalities and their relationship were totally perfect for it! 

Notice the location of Felitia's bouquet in the third shot below!
It hit the beam before coming down and needless to say Felitia was pretty proud of herself!

This adorable little guy was totally ready to catch that garter! 

We snuck away from the reception to get a few shots and they ended up being some of my favorite!
Such a gorgeous location and a gorgeous couple!

This was our first time experimenting with sparklers for a shoot!
My assistant was the real rock star in this shot below as it was her job to run around, and around, and around, Felitia & Bill with the sparkler... more than once!
Felitia was the rock star for this shot below!
It's harder than it looks because you have to write the word backwards. 

Thank you Felitia & Bill for choosing me to capture these memories for you!
I was an absolute honor and pleasure!
I wish you all the best as you begin your happily ever after!